Frequently Asked Questions

You have a question? Someone else might have had the exact same one. Check out our frequently asked questions to find out.

We offer all new users 70 free credits so that they can explore and enjoy our app however we have many server costs while running everyones Minecraft servers so it is not possible for us to give people infinite credits. You can earn credits for free by installing games/apps from our advertisement partners by clicking the green button that says "Get credits for Free", you can also watch videos. Alternatively you can purchase them with real money that we use for the costs of running the servers, we appreciate the fact you can understand that it costs us a lot of money to run the servers.

We would love to give all our users free credits, unfortunately it's just not possible for us. Hosting all of the servers 24.7 costs us a lot of money and it is only by selling credits that we can continue to afford to keep our services available. We do however guarantee the cheapest prices and the most stable servers.

Once you have downloaded the app and registered an account you will have a server made for you, once you log in you will be able to see your server details such as the IP address and port displayed, enter these to login to your server.

If you no longer want your server then you can simply leave it, after 5 days it will become inactive and will delete it self after time.

You can unban a player on your server by typing the command '/pardon' as an OP/admin. If your own account was banned then you can simply make another one of your accounts OP and unban your other account.

Sorry about this, this shouldn't happen and it is extremely rare for this to ever occur. Please wait a few minutes for them to appear, if you still haven't got them then you can email us at [email protected] with a receipt and we will be more than happy to help you immediately!

We have banned certain items to reduce CPU that reduces lag that allows our services to be affordable. You can unban items by purchasing the 'Unban Items' feature that will help with our server costs to allow this to be possible.

You can reset your map by simply changing the map type and then changing it back as this will generate a new map world.

You can add groups by unlocking the 'Modify Rank' feature, this feature will allow you to add as many groups as you'd like to your server.

If your server has been left for over 5 days then it would of been deleted unfortunately and we would of had to make you a new server. The reason for this is that we have limited resources and cannot afford to keep inactive servers hosted forever.

Immediately whitelist your server and add another account as an OP/Admin. You can use this to fix any issues on your server as no one besides the whitelisted can log in and the hackers wont be able to join. If you keep getting issues feel free to email us at [email protected]

To add shops you will need to unlock the 'Economy' feature, once you have enabled this feature you will be able to make shops. To make a shop you will need to make a sign and then write on the first line shop, on the second line you will write the cost e.g 10, on the third line you put the id of the item you wish to sell e.g 1 for stone and on the fourth line you will put the amount e.g 5

You can get players for your MCPE server by adding it to a server list, we have made another app called Servers For Minecraft PE. This app can be found by clicking here

Even when your server is asleep we have to have the computers available incase you do want to make use of your service and therefore we have to pay for them ourselves. If we did not have the sleeping mode, things would be a lot more costly. Please note, once your server has players on it it won't randomly shut down, as long as people are playing it will not go into sleep mode. Therefore, if you'd like to run your server 24-7 you are free to do so at no additional cost.

You can change your servers IP by scrolling down the premium features and finding custom domain, on this feature you can set a different IP/Domain for your server.