Our Features

Spawn Protection

Protect your servers spawn locations with our Spawn Protection feature.


Specify the players you want to join your server by using our whitelist feature and adding their names.


Have fun PVP'ing on your server with our PVP feature, allow your players to engage in combat, the area around the spawn is always a safe area.

Always Day

This feature will allow you to disable the night time in your server and therefore will always be day time.

User Login

Make your players register before being able to login, a useful feature that can be enabled to stop people impersonating on your MCPE server.

Custom Ranks

Assign titles to your players with the custom ranks feature, you can give players titles that show while playing your MCPE server.


Create a thriving economy in your server with the Economy feature, give players money and open up shops to sell items for your desired prices.

World Edit

Edit your world quickly and effeciently with the World Edit feature, use this to build quickly and big!

Land Protection

Protect specified areas of your map from griefing with this feature, players will no longer be able to modify that area of the world specified.

Unlimited World

With this feature you will be able to have your server as big as you'd like, no limitations on how big and vast your server can grow!


Create clans and factions with this feature, manage clans and create armies on your MCPE server!

Unban Items

This feature allows you to unlock all of the items and materials in your server! Unlike other servers, have access to items such as TNT and Lava!

Always Spawn

Enable this feature to force your players to always start in the spawn point of the map instead of the last location they were.

Modify Ranks

Create your own ranks for your players, create groups for people such as Builders, VIPs and Staff!

Player Kits

Pre Configure item packages that you can give to your players, create material kits or armour sets and reward them as you see fit!

User Actions

Define your player actions, with this feature you can specify actions that happen for your players such as recieving items at the end of a parkour.

Admin Fun

Troll your players with this feature that allows OPs/Admins to play with players such as freezing them, burning them, spamming and much more!

PVP Arena

Create your very own PVP Arenas with this feature that allows you to create battle arenas for your players to immence in PVP action!

Status Sign

Create signs around your server with this feature, display information about your server like players online and the PSD of your server.

Item Display

Make item displays that captivate your players, make items float on slabs or inside of glass, the perfect feature for shops!